So here begins the first blog of my Peace Corps experience

As some of you may know, I am leaving for the West African country of Benin on June 26, 2013 to serve as a Peace Corps volunteer for 27 months. I wanted to do a blog for three main reasons:

1) so my family and friends can know what I am doing while I’m in Benin

2) I remember when I was going through the year long process of applying to the Peace Corps and I wasn’t able to get enough information about PC and all that volunteering entailed (this is for you future volunteers)


3) I suck a journaling lol so I am hoping that if I know people will be reading it I will stick to it, which I’m pretty sure I will appreciate years from now.

            So first I need to give y’all a few disclaimers: When I blog I like to do meaningful, fun, and experience-filled blogs. Sometimes, most of the time, my life is not interesting, so I won’t bore you. I want this blog to inform the readers, teach the readers something new, and possibly sometimes give the readers something to chuckle about. So I will probably only update this blog a few times a month (which may also be due in part to my limited internet access in Benin).  Also, I am dyslexic……… (oh sorry I was waiting for the accepted chuckle from my close friends back home lol) anyway there may be some grammatical mistakes throughout my blogs, please do forgive me. I will try my hardest to keep them to a minimum. Lastly, I am from Texas. Although, I plan to use as much correct English as possible, I will use y’all. I may even use it in the possessive form: y’all’s. No matter, I will use it proudly. So please don’t assume its ignorance, instead look it at as experiencing the beauty of Southern culture.

            Since I still have a couple of weeks before I leave, I will start with a little background and information about the Peace Corps application process. Since I can remember I have wanted to join the Peace Corps. Why? Well, when I was younger I really didn’t know. There was just something about it. But now, with a college degree under my belt, many hours of studying ethics, culture, and development, and traveling quite a bit, I realized that learning about another person’s culture and sharing my culture with another person is one of the most valuable things in life. I truly believe open, loving, respectable, and honest communication helps change the world. And so, I want to be a part of it. Because I want to give future volunteers as much specific information about the application process as possible (and perhaps I want a little applause for the hours of blood, sweat, and tears I endured lol), next I will have a blog specifically dedicated to my PC application process :)!

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